What Kind of Tutoring

I developed my skills as a writing tutor at a local community college. During this time, I worked with students for a vairiety of classes such as English, history, chemestry, sociology, math, psychology–just to name a few.

What Does a Writing Tutor Do?

  • I work with students to help them understand their assignement
  • I help students work through and understand their texts for their assignment
  • I read and give feedback on their papers, looking at content, sentence coherency, and format
  • I help students formulate ideas for their papers
  • I help with citation
  • I help with developing tools to study more efficiently
  • I help to develop tools to edit a student’s own paper
  • For students working in English as a second language, I can help them to strengthen their writing and language comprehension via their writing

Who Do I Work With?

I work with a variety of people from different backgrounds. I work with young adults, age 15 and up. I work with adults in university or college. I work with the self-studying individual who is trying to develop a new skill.

I work with students with papers up to 3,500 words (any more will be referred to my Editing Services via my Contact Me page) who just want their papers checked for mistakes and to be sure that it makes sense, or I work with the development and formation of a paper.

Email Sessions As Needed:

These are the sessions that might just be a one-off, where you email me your paper (3,500 words or less) to make sure it is grammatically sound, the ideas make sense and flow, and that the piece contains the necessary components of an academic essay/report/research paper.

These are email only sessions. With each session I will read your paper, annotate it in MS Word, and create a video screencast recorded response to your paper, talking to you about structure, thesis, any problems I found, and most importantly, praise you for the good parts.

One-on-One Sessions As Needed:

A one-on-one session will be via Skype, or if you happen to live within 20 miles of Scotch Corner here in North Yorkshire, it can be face to face.

These sessions will be an hour spent talking with me about your paper, reading it over together, and taking it step by step to talk over the strengths and weaknesses it might have.

Regular Tutoring Bundle:

This bundle includes one session for each week as well as one email review of assignments each week.

Each session will be one-on-one for an hour, during which we talk about how to understand the material, research for a paper, as well as write the paper to its polished draft.

The four emails included can be used as and when needed. During the emails I will read the paper, create a screencast video respponse to the paper, and highlight any grammatic or spelling errors in the paper as well.

This is a combination of two tutoring offers, making this a £300 value.

If you aren’t seeing anything that quite fits what you neeed, then send me an email through the Contact page. We can talk and have a half an hour session, FREE of charge to find out what fits your needs.

Let’s build something together.