Writing Through the Moon in October

Reaching inward, much like reaching down into the ocean, helps us to bring to light things we didn’t know about ourselves. It’s an attempt at examining ourselves. It is here that the subconscious lives, and I believe, where creativity reaches from.

Writing Groups: To Join or Not to Join?

One of the most beneficial things a writer can have is feedback. For many, it’s helpful to get that feedback along the process of the writing journey. One of the best ways is with a writing group. Getting feedback on your writing at some point during the writing journey is essential, whether it’s once you […]

8 Reasons Writers NEED to Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo

For experienced and novice writers alike, it is a constant challenge. It is hard to slog through the difficult bits. It’s painful to write the final scenes of a book and can even stop a writer completely. Setting a goal like this and keeping to it can be essential for a writer completing their manuscript.