Elemental Writer Early Bird Pricing is OPEN!

It’s Time to Woo Your Writing!

By the powers of Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, & Water…

Am I actually suggesting magick for writing?

Damn straight I am!

Each element has a unique set of lessons corresponding to different aspects of the creative in you.

This is your OFFICIAL invitation to Woo Your Writing with the Elemental Writer Course!

In this course, you will

  • Strengthen your union with creativity
  • Harness metaphysical tools you need to tap into your creative spark & flow
  • Dive deep into each tarot card & its connection to your writing practice
  • Build a relationship with your writing that goes beyond pen to page. 

Using Each of the Elements of the Pentagram & Tarot

  • Discover how trust, beliefs, & surrender are the foundation of a writing practice. 
  • Explore rituals around writing & creating 
  • Gain tools of self-discovery through journaling & Tarot
  • Ignite Your Passion through Expression
  • Tend Your Creative Flames
  • Build a reliable Connection with Motivation & Creative Action
  • Anchor Truth & Inspiration in your Message
  • Find & Strengthen your Voice
  • Discover Plotting Methods to suit even a long practicing-pantser
  • Connect your Authentic Flow & Inner Being
  • Deep dive & converse with your Intuition
  • Unite with your Higher Self & Creativity
  • Ground your Creative Practice
  • Move your Body to enhance your Creative Process
  • Get Inspired by Environment
  • Connect Below with Above

You’ll Also Get…

  • Multiple Meditations, rituals, & spells in each lesson
  • Hundreds of Journal & Creative Prompts
  • Hours of videos & workbooks to accompany every lesson
  • An in depth look at each tarot card & how it corresponds to your writing

This is Not JUST a Writing Course

This is a course to get to know yourself, to get to understand how it is that YOU create, and access that method whenever you need. 

This is a spiritual journey that uses metaphysical concepts and grounds them through the tarot.

This is a course on the Tarot just as much as it is a course in Writing 

Did I mention the Discount?

That’s right!

For a limited time, this course is on sale. Be sure to get 30% off with the Early Bird Discount, and be the first to access the course when it opens on
January 1st, 2022

Want a Sneak Peak?

Want to know more?

Check out last week’s podcast episode, Episode 10: Woo Your Writing with the Elements (on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Cast, & Radio Public) where I give you a taste of the course as well as give you more details about the
Elemental Writer Course.

Don’t Miss Your Early Bird Pricing!

Be sure to get your course now, and be ready to start 2022 with a spiritual exploration of creativity and connection to your higher self!