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Nightmares When I’m Cold Book Announcement Natural Writer Podcast

It's been a minute since I've released an episode, and this episode is more than a new release: I've got something pretty special to announce.  I talk about Nightmares When I'm Cold, as well as what the self-publishing process has been like for me.  ————— pre-order Nightmares When I'm Cold here: ————— A. A. Medina | Fabled Beast Design Twitter: @UglyByProxy | @BeastFabled ————— Katrina Carruth: Editor, Beta reader, and writer: Twitter: @KatrinaCarruth ————— Stephanie Eerkes-Keylock: artist I have to apologize–in the episode, I misspelled her last name. There is a -k at the end of Keylock. Instagram: @EerkesKeylock ————— The Surgical Deviant: model and tarot deck creator I mentioned in the episode that they're creating a Silent Hill Tarot deck. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitch for updates! Instagram: @TheSurgicalDeviant Twitch: @TheSurgicalDeviant ————— Writing the Other Sentient Squid Scholarship Want to get in touch about coaching? Have a question? Just want to say hi? Email me at

It’s officially here!

It’s been a long time coming, but Nightmares When I’m Cold is finally live and available to everyone!

It arrived in my hands this morning and I nearly cried—I was so overjoyed with the way this turned out.

The cover is just beautiful. The image that Jordan Langen created from her photoshoot with our model, the Surgical Deviant, came out beautifully on front and back in a matte finish.

Inside are four horror stories from KM Kasiner, Hana Jabr, Breanna Teramoto, and Rachel L. Carlyle to bring various horrifying perspectives and takes to the writing prompt, “Nightmares when I’m cold.”

Each of the stories has a pen and ink illustration by Stephanie Eerkes-Keylock, an introduction, and a piece from the author about their story and where the idea came from. I love this last part because it allows the reader to understand and see how the writer’s mind works and where they gained their inspiration. For writers, I feel this is infinitely interesting.

We used Adrian Medina of Fabled Beast Design for our formatting, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone. While the writers tantalize the imagination, Adrien laid out a feast for the eyes. Honestly, I am so grateful for their services.


A chilling collection of stories that prove nightmares dwell far beyond the realm of sleep.

What happens when we allow obsession to guide us, when we delve too deeply into secrets, or when we are too far away from anyone for our screams to be heard?

With tales from Rachel L. Carlyle, KM Kasiner, Hana Jabr, Breanna Teramoto, as well as Katrina Carruth, ranging from the gothic to science fiction, to fantasy, to just plain horror, prepare to explore Nightmares When I’m Cold.

Each story is not only rich in its own right, but is framed with an introduction from the editors, the author’s insight to their works, as well as a beautiful pen and ink plate by Stephanie Eerkes-Keylock. Nightmares When I’m Cold showcases the whole context of each story and its creation, bringing forward a full experience.

Both the ebook and the paperback are available through Amazon. You can click the button below to get your copy!

All the proceeds from Nightmares When I’m Cold are going to the Sentient Squid Scholarship from Writing the Other. We have no affiliation with this organization other than believing in what they do.

Don’t forget to get your copy!