December 11 Journal Prompt: First Quarter Season

What is your writing goal for the first quarter of 2020? Yesterday we spent some time looking at what habits we can form during the first month of the year. Today we are going to look at how those habits can be implemented over the first quarter of 2020. But we’re going to look at […]

December 3 Journal Prompt: What Do you Write?

Dec 3: What do you write? I know that writers fall into many different placements. Some are bloggers and have every intention of remaining a blogger. Some writers are academic writers, who chase the thrill of the research and findings. Some writers are literary, some are poetic, and some only know that they want to […]

December 1 Journal Prompt: Who Are You?

Knowing who you are is a huge thing. This will determine how you write, what you like to write about, where you stand on issues that might come up with your writing, and eventually, how you wan to market yourself. Getting to know your deeps desires, your core wants, your needs, and what makes you […]