Your Inner Writing Seasons

Happy Spring Equinox, Writers. And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, happy Autumn Equinox. While I acknowledge that there are two beautiful changing of the seasons happening in two different parts of the world, I want to focus on the Spring. When spring arrives, we are transitioning from the winter into the lighter, […]

December 12 Journal Prompt: What to Write Next Year

What is your writing goal for the whole of 2020? We’ve spent some time delving into the habits we can create to make our year successful, but now I’m going to switch gears a little bit. Knowing what you now know about yourself, we are going to look at what goals you can set for […]

December 11 Journal Prompt: First Quarter Season

What is your writing goal for the first quarter of 2020? Yesterday we spent some time looking at what habits we can form during the first month of the year. Today we are going to look at how those habits can be implemented over the first quarter of 2020. But we’re going to look at […]

December 10 Journal Prompt: What Is Your January Goal?

What Is Your Writing Goal for January? For some of us, we have monthly goals. We want to start a novel, or participate in (Camp) NaNoWriMo, begin editing, or even start getting the garden ready or planning or saving for a trip at the beginning of the month. But January isn’t just another month. It’s […]

December 9: How Your Beliefs Shape Your Writing

How Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Writing? Yesterday we delved into what it is we believe. This isn’t just about what we spiritually believe, though that can play a role, but what is that we believe about ourselves. Story-telling is a method of explain the world around us. Story-telling is about showing and sharing our […]

December 8 Journal Prompt: What Do You Believe?

What do you believe? Asking yourself what you believe is a multi-faceted question. You might know what you believe in spiritually, but we all have beliefs that we don’t realize we carry with us. This is an important thing to realize about yourself. This can be one of the things that is blocking you from […]

December 7 Journal Prompt: What is Revolting?

What in life revolts you? This exercise can be fun, or it can be dark. I’ll let you decide where you want to put it. While getting to know yourself and your writing, you’ll come across practices that might pertain to your goal that just make you feel gross. For example, many writers detest the […]

Decebmer 6: Where Is Your Joy?

What in Life Brings You Joy? Yesterday’s journaling exercise was intense. It meant delving into that which makes us uncomfortable. We looked at what we are afraid of that might block us from our paths to success. Today we are going a different route. Today we are looking what in life brings you joy. Joy […]

December 4 Journal Prompt: What Inspires You?

Dec 4: What in life inspires you? The next few days is going to focus on where you can look for writing ideas in general. By getting to know what affects you in your daily life and in general, you can find a hearty store of prompts to pull from. Knowing yourself means that you […]

December 3 Journal Prompt: What Do you Write?

Dec 3: What do you write? I know that writers fall into many different placements. Some are bloggers and have every intention of remaining a blogger. Some writers are academic writers, who chase the thrill of the research and findings. Some writers are literary, some are poetic, and some only know that they want to […]