Every Writer Needs an Editor….

Every writer needs an editor at some point. No matter how great of a writer you are, you will need an editor. The unfortunate thing about being close to your own project is that you know the ins and outs of it. It becomes difficult to take that step back and see what your piece is missing or has too much of. To top it all off, your brain will automatically correct errors as you go because it knows what you’re trying to say.

This is why you need an editor.

I offer two editing services:

Both of these services are currently charged by the word-count, and may vary based upon the timeframe you’re requiring.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is when an editor reads your manuscript and gives you constructive criticism and advice on what is missing, plot holes, and general improvement.

As a developmental editor, I comb through a piece, first reading it as a reader, then reading it a second time as an editor, and reading it a third time. I work with writres to sculpt and shape the piece they want and ready it for publication.

What is the Difference
Between Coaching and Developmental Editing?

Coaching and developmental editing might sound similar, and in some respects they are. The aim of the game is to produce a quality product.

As a coach, I’ll work with you to set your own goals and to develop the habits to be successful in achieving them. I’ll work with you to help disolve blocks and work through problems in your life that might be reflected in your writing routine. Likewise, I’ll work with you on actual story blocks, and talk with you about your plot, characters, structure, etc.

As a developmental editor, I read your manuscript and either via email or Skype, will give you feedback. This will be strictly to do with your story. I will look at characters and their development, plot development, story structure, pacing, plot holes, etc.

The biggest difference is that writing coaching will look at you, the writer, as well as your story, while a developmenal edditor will look at your project, and only your project.

How Developmental Editing Works


You can send me what you have so far of your work in progress, or you can send me a completed draft. We will negotiate a deadline and I will read your piece at least three times. By the end of our agreeed upon deadline, I will compile a list of comments and critiques. I will email you the feedback with an annotated copy of your manuscript. You will have an optional Skype call to discuss some of the feedback if you would like for no extra charge.

I should note that a developemental edit will not include copy editing, though it is something I also offer. You can read more about that here.


Currently, I charge per 1,000 words. It works out to approximately 3.5p/word (GBP), though I will round to the nearest 1000 words, making the cost £35 per 1000 words. With this cost comes three readings of your completed or incompleted manuscript as well as developmental annotations and a the option of a free Skype call.

The First Step

If you want to find out more or you want to go ahead with my editing services, you can fill out the form below (also linked here), or you can visit my Contact Me page to fill out a form.

Copy Editing

In the process of writing, you’ll likely want a developmental editor before you want a copy editor. The developmental editor will help you work out the big picture stuff of your novel, but the copy editor is going to be the one to clean up your novel. By that, I mean they’re going to turn all your “teh”s into “the”s.

A copy editor will go through your project and fix the typos, grammar, and spelling. They are the ones you hire when you’re polishing your piece for publication or for submission.

As with copy editing, I will read a piece through three times to ensure that I have all the mistakes covered. This includes reading through the manuscript backwards, line by line.


For copy editing, I’ll round to the nearest 100 words, charging a penny per word (GBP). I do, however have a base minimum of £25. This means that up to 2500 words I’ll charge a base rate of £25, then from there charge a penny per word, rounding up or down to the nearest 100 words.

Example: a novel that is 42,984 words will cost £430, while a 42,443-word novel would be £424,

Get in Touch

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