Celtic Cross For Writers

The Celtic Cross is a traditional spread for new Tarot readers and advanced. It delves into the crux of a question, weaseling out important details of the energies that are at play.

This doesn’t need to be something mystical or mysterious. The Celtic cross looks at your past, your present, your goals, your hopes, your fears, and the key things that are blocking you from getting what you want.

Which sounds a lot like what you might need in your life to figure out where your head is at when it comes to your writing path.

We are all at different points, whether we’re brand new to writing, or we’re working on our first novel, or we’re exploring new ways of writing. We come from different backgrounds, and have different ideas, but we all have one thing in common: We Are Writers.

We are participating in a spiral of lessons. We cycle through and advance, and we return to another level to learn a higher version of the same lesson. This could be returning to the Imposter Syndrome we thought we worked through (don’t worry, you did),or look at perfectionism in a different light.

This is why it is so important to know where we are as writers. What stage are we returning to, or setting foot on for the first time? Evaluating this can help you work through difficult points in your writing journey, as well as see what is supporting you and helping you to grow and shine.

This is the value of the Celtic Cross. This is why I chose the Celtic Cross to help you do exactly that: Evaluate your position as a writer.

This workbook isn’t like anything else you’ve done. 

In this workbook, I put together the tools and lessons from the traditional Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot, showing you how to hone your focus on your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. 

This workbook has over 75 PAGES! of information and journal prompts to guide you to take a critical look at where you are as a writer.