September 2020 Journal Prompts Announcement

Journaling is an important part of writing. This is a creative exploration of self and of words through journaling. Continue reading September 2020 Journal Prompts Announcement

NatWriCoChallenge: Week 4-ish

Welcome to the fourth and final-ish week of the Natural Writer Coaching Challenge! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts this month. If you’re just getting into this challenge, it’s not too late to join. You can read all about the challenge here, and how to participate for your own enjoyment, or to win 2 FREE writing coaching sessions with me. Though, I will say, at … Continue reading NatWriCoChallenge: Week 4-ish

NatWriCoChallenge: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Natural Writer Coaching Challenge! Congratulations to those of you who have participated so far. I’m so pleased to see all your creative minds in action. If you’re just joining the challenge, you can still participate. I just need to see 31 Instagram posts tagging me using @NaturalWriterCoaching and the hashtag #NatWriCoChallenge at the end of the month. You can … Continue reading NatWriCoChallenge: Week 3

Writing Exercise: Flipped Motivation

Every character needs a motivation. It is the goal for them to work toward throughout the book. Your plot is how they get to that goal, and what helps or hinders them (pro tip: if you want an interesting book to read, throw lots of obstacles at your character). In this exercise, you are going to do two things: Read the prompt and generate an … Continue reading Writing Exercise: Flipped Motivation