Introducing the Limited time, limited offer, Intensive Writing Package, available for a limited few.

Start 2021 with a Novel with the Intensive Writing Package

With November coming up, writers around the world are feeling the pressure of National Novel Writing Month, and are inspired to get their book out of their heads and onto paper.

It’s not only that, but 2020 has been particularly hard on a lot of people, and they just need a win! Thus, the pressure grows to just get at least one thing done this year.

That’s why I’ve created a special 2-month intensive writing package just for you.

This is a highly limited package that is only available to purchase until October 23, and only available to five—FIVE—writers.

What Is the Intensive Writing Package?

The Intensive Writing Package is a tough-love approach, intended to get you through at least your third round of edits by the end of the year. This is how it looks:

1. We’ll have a 1-hour session in the last week of October to catch each other up
2. November you write and finish your first draft
3. December, you edit and revise like there’s no tomorrow


If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, you know that the goal is to produce 50k in a month. That’s 1667 words a day. That’s 11,669 words a week.

Each week I’ll read what you wrote (see details below), and we’ll discuss it and/or your hang-ups (or both!) through a weekly hour-and-a-half session.

Because I’ll be reading your story as you write it (don’t worry, I know it’s a first draft, there is zero judgement here), you’ll be able to email me between sessions and ask me questions if you need motivation to get you through a particular writing block.


While I read through your story during November, I’ll give you the overall feedback I have as soon as December hits. We’ll talk about what areas should be focused on and how to fill in, cut back, rearrange, add-in—you get the picture—revise your novel.

This is the hard part. The goal here is to get through it in the first two weeks of December. Again, I will be reading your revisions right the way through so I can help you get to where you need to be.

The second half of December is the second round of edits. This is a repeat of the first round, but it will be easier. It almost always gets easier. It goes quicker. The ultimate goal is to get this done in a week, with a third round of polishing edits on the final week.

What You Get with the Intensive Writing Package

Starting the last week of October, with the Intensive Writing Package you’ll get:

1 x 1-hour, 1-on-1 prep session
~ £75 value ~
8 x 1 ½-hour, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, once a week

~ £900 value ~
I read 12,000 words of your work every single week

~ £2,400 value ~
Unlimited emails throughout the two months

Each session is about you and your writing, about looking at what’s blocking you and keeping you stuck, about your characters, about your plot, your setting, your magic system, your red herrings—it’s about you and your writing.

Every time we talk, I’ll give you homework assignments to keep you going and to grow through your project, so you’re doing more than just getting words down on the page.

During December, when you’re into your editing, for each batch of revised/edited words I get, I’ll be sure to edit (correct typos and highlight awkward sentences) using Track Changes, to help your own editing process go faster.

If at any point during the week you have questions, you can email me your thoughts or questions and have someone to bounce ideas off if you find yourself stuck, or just need some encouragement.


The goal of the Intensive Writing Package is to get you through three rounds of revisions/edits. IF you mange to do this before midnight, on December 31, 2020 (London time), and email it to me, then I will completely read your entire novel, start to finish, and give full feedback on the finished product.

This is a £2,000 value, included as an incentive to work hard and get your novel ready!

Who Am I?

I’m Nicola Thompson, a spiritually-based writing coach and ghostwriter. I’m a published writer, a columnist for Carpe Nocturne Magazine, a National Conference of Peer Tutors in Writing speaker, blogger, tarot reader, and former editor of an online magazine.

I gained my background as a college writing tutor in Washington States before I moved to the UK. During that time, I learned one thing: my favorite thing to do next to writing is to talk to writers about their writing. That’s why I developed my writing coaching business.

My ghostwriting experience has taught me to write novels fast, averaging at about a novel a week. To do this, you need to know character development, world-building, story structure, as well as just how to write a story well. This year alone, I’ve written three series, started on two others, and have written several stand-alone books. In sum, I’ve ghost-written over 35 books this year alone.

That’s why I’m confident that I can get you through November and December and enter into 2021 with your new, sparkling manuscript.

Who the Intensive Writing Package is for

This package is designed for the months of November and December online. This will not extend beyond these two months.

This package is for you if:

You are determined to get through November this year with a full manuscript, even if you haven’t started it yet.
You are serious about your novel
You want to start submitting your novel in 2021
You’re tired of 2020 bullying you around, and you’re ready to make this year know who’s boss
If you can commit to 8 consecutive weeks

This is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are ready to get serious about their craft, and achieve their writing goals.

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