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After an unannounced hiatus, there are some changes that are going to be made over here at Natural Writer Coaching

Writing Groups: To Join or Not to Join?

One of the most beneficial things a writer can have is feedback. For many, it’s helpful to get that feedback along the process of the writing journey. One of the best ways is with a writing group. Getting feedback on your writing at some point during the writing journey is essential, whether it’s once you […]

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What is a Sensitivity Reader & Why They’re Important

“I get asked by a lot of reporters and Tweeters why I’m so invested with Diversity…I really hate the word ‘diversity.’ It suggests something other, something special, it’s rare—it’s diversity! It suggests that there’s something unusual about telling stories about women or people of color, of LGBT characters on tv. I have a different word. […]

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Why You Need to “How” to Successfully Write

Something I really try to drive home is that you need to know why it is you’re writing. Not just why you’re writing your story, but why you’re writing in general. In fact, I can list plenty of posts where I reference how to dive into that, and why you need to find your why. […]

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Sitting with Discomfort Pt 3: Knowing Your World Through What You Consume

This is the last day of the Sitting with Discomfort series. This week has been spent focusing on white privilege and learning to be discomfort in order to learn about yourself. This series was inspired by the wonderful women from ar-tic. If you are just arriving to this series, I highly suggest that you start […]