Creatable Spaces: An Affirmation Deck for Writers

This is just a quick blog post to share with you a Kickstarter Campaign I came across this morning that I think you might enjoy.

Creatable Spaces is a Mindset Deck for Writers, created by Melissa Long.

This is a 45-card affirmation deck designed to give writers and creatives tools to help them keep their mental wellness intact and stay within a mindset that allows them to complete their project.

When I saw this Kickstarter campaign, I immediately backed it. I am so thrilled to see something like this out in the world, and I really hope that it comes to fruition.

This deck is comprised of five themes to target different aspects:

  • Creatable Confidence
  • Creatable Flow
  • Creatable Imagination
  • Creatable Mindset
  • Creatable Vision

I am not a person who generally goes for oracle decks or for affirmation decks, however as soon as I saw this, I knew it was an instant fit and a tool that so many writers need.

Creatable Spaces is a mindset deck for writers designed to help you navigate the ups and downs of creative life.  Whether you’re diving into your first novel or polishing up your fiftieth screenplay, this 45-card deck of affirmations will help you:

  • Think Better
  • Write Better
  • Be Better

Your Voice Matters. So do the stories you’re longing to tell. That’s why I designed Creatable Spaces.

Do yourself a favor and back this deck. While it’ll take a while before it arrives, it will be the delated winter gift you forgot you gave to yourself, and the writer in you will be thrilled.


I have zero, none, zip, nadda, no affiliation with this deck or with the creator of this deck, nor with Kickstarter. I am sharing this truly because I feel passionate and excited about what this project is and how it can help writers.

Happy Writing, friends!

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