15% Discount on All-In Packages!

This month you can get a 15% discount while contributing 15% to the earth!

Earth Day is coming up, and there are two things that I hold dear: writing and the environment.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do if I were back in the States. I know where to get sustainable products, know how to access local farmers markets, and feel that I am in a better position over here to do more good for the environment.

As a result, I have been making the following changes:

  • I shop local first
  • I refrain from using plastic whenever possible (this includes researching packaging)
  • I have cut back on my meat consumption (with the goal to go full veggie soon enough)
  • I don’t buy new books (unless in Kindle or Audio format)
  • Any journal/planners I guy must be made from recycled materials or picked up from a second-hand shore
  • Using only soy-based pens in non-plastic containers (shells?)

There is still a lot of room for improvement. Though one of my goals is to be sure to donate more to environmental causes. And because of that, I want to offer you a 15% discount on both of my All-In packages, with a promise that 15% of what I earn from any and all of my offerings this month will go toward environmental causes.

In honor and celebration of Earth Month and the upcoming Earth Day, for the next 11 days, from April 11-23, you can get 15% off either (or both!) the All-In Monthly Package, or the 6-Month All-In Package.

These are writing intensive packages that include:

  • Weekly hour-long coaching calls
  • Daily email access to me, personally
  • Up to 5k words of your WIP read by me each week
  • Weekly homework to improve your writing

What does this translate to?

During each coaching session, we talk about what you’ve written, character development, writers block techniques, plot development, direction, and much more. At the end of each session, you will receive a piece of homework to help you through the next week and your writing process.

With both of these packages you get:

  • An accountability partner
  • A developmental editor
  • A soundboard
  • A cheerleader
  • A writing coach

In addition to offering a 15% discount to my All-In Monthly Package & my 6-Month package, throughout the rest of April, if you sign up for ANY of my coaching offerings, 15% will go toward an environmental charity.

Have an environmental charity in mind? Let me know! I have a few in mind, but I want to make sure I find the most influential, and am always up for suggestions!

Send me a DM about this offer, or use the contact form to schedule your FREE 30-minute call to see if we are a good match!

The earth is important. We only have one. And while we may not have made it what it is today, it is each generation’s responsibility to try and make it better than it was before us.


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Born and raised in the Pacific North West (Washington State to be specific), I'm currently living on a farm, raising chickens, and writing in North Yorkshire. A former editor of Durham University's online magazine, The Bubble, I also write for the magazine Carpe Nocturne, and have several short stories published in a variety of anthologies.

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