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First of all, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your patience with my unannounced break in my blog posts and even my social media attendance. I’d like to say it was intentional, but let’s face it—I had no idea what was going on.

Here’s what I knew:

  1. I was refraining at first from writing newsletters in support of Black Lives Matter. I felt like to refrain one week and then go back to normal the next week was insensitive, and I spent a little bit of time trying to figure out when would be most appropriate. During that time, I tried to educate myself as best as I could, take a good hard look at those I follow on social media, whose voices I read and listen to, and so on. I’ve been working on my own biases and I know that it is an on-going process that I’ll likely never complete, though I do strive to be better in my failings.
  2. I wasn’t doing enough for you. At least, I felt like I wasn’t. Sure, I was providing weekly writing prompts and journal prompts for my newsletter recipients (which hopefully were helpful) and I was posting daily on Instagram, though I felt like both of these things fell a bit short.
  3. I wanted to dive deeper. More than just what gets us writing, but more into what gets our blood pumping and our pulses racing in excitement. I wanted to dive deeper. I knew how I wanted to dive deeper, but I didn’t know how my audience would respond to it.

I think I know how I personally want to remedy these things, at least, I know how I want to open myself up to my audience as well as really focus in on those who I think will connect best with my message.

But first, regarding the last two things, let’s step back a beat. Let’s go back to when I started coaching. A few of you on my mailing list are my first clients, so you already know this story. But I’ll share it for the newer folx.

I Started Out as a Tarot Reader

In case you hadn’t picked up on this nugget of information from my tarot posts, my first successful website was not about writing (for the most part). Nope, it was about card-slinging.

I was a tarot reader—well, I still am. That hasn’t stopped. But I was trying to make headway with a tarot website, KarmaStar Tarot.

It was doing alright, but I was working myself to the bone with it. I was trying to make sure I had 3 blog posts up A DAY. If you’ve ever run a blog, you understand how absurd that it. But I did it for a good six months before I burnt myself out. That, however, was enough for me to get steady traffic. The last post I put up was in January, and I still get more traffic on a day to day basis than I did when I was regularly writing in it.

I digress.

One of the things I was doing on my tarot blog was creating tarot spreads for writers. I started (very last minute and will hardly any planning) the #30DayTarotWritingChallenge for Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I created 31 daily tarot spreads to help anyone participating in any form of NaNoWriMo with their story, from character development, to story structure, to plot, to good ol’ being stuck.

And my blog exploded. The months before Camp NanoWriMo and NaNoWriMo proper, my blog always explodes with writers using the tarot for their writing prompts. I get comments on my blogs asking about writing and I just adored it.

And that was what got me from making the switch from being tarot-focused to being a writing coach. I have my background as a college writing tutor, I have my education, I have my vast experience writing as a ghost writer, and I have my absolute adoration of talking to writers about writing. It was perfect, and I already had an audience of folks who might be willing to work with me.

I put out an announcement saying I was wanting to try out coaching, and I worked with three wonderful women. I adored it.

I don’t want to say it was my favorite part, because there was so much I loved about working with my first three clients, but one of my favorite parts was that because I connected with them as a result of my tarot blog, I knew we were all somewhat into spirituality in whatever form that took. And all of us used that aspect of ourselves through those first few months working together, whether they used their cards to guide their work, or we worked together through meditation and affirmations. The spirituality aspect was there.

However, since creating my writing coaching website, I’ve tried to keep that aspect of myself on the downlow. I didn’t know if I would lose clients or not, or if it would mean people wouldn’t take me as seriously.

Now, Fast-Forward to My Unannounced Hiatus

When the BLM movement started, I began to pay very close attention to what advocates and Black voices were asking for. One of the best pieces of information I was given was to ask myself if I feel uncomfortable, and if so, sit with it, knowing that no one is going to get me for being uncomfortable.

There is a lot to be said regarding this. I highly suggest you check out or art_tic_org (IG), or if you want to read more about where I took it, you can check out my series here regarding privilege and how I, as a white person, sat with my discomfort, and offered journal prompts to help other white people do the same. Though, the best place to start is with the first link rather than mine.

However, this invitation to sit with discomfort and know that no harm is going to come from me beings uncomfortable is such a beautiful action to take. It allows you to give space to it and truly listen to why you’re uncomfortable, and from there you can know what actions to take that will promote the most growth for you.

That was what I did regarding BLM and the many social injustices caused by a system of which I am a part of, and that was what I did when I considered what I really wanted from my writing coaching practice.

While I of course want to work with any writer who is struggling, I am going to take a particular focus and approach that intertwines spirituality and writers. Thus, I am a spiritually-based writing coach.

What Does That Mean?

Ok, first of all, let’s start out with acknowledging that the biggest thing that scares us and our egos, is change. But let me show you how it’s not that scary in regards to what I’m mixing up here. First, allow me to set your mind at ease with what isn’t changing:

Here’s what hasn’t changed:

  1. I am always going to be in your corner cheering you on.
  2. I am always going to be there as a soundboard to help you through your story
  3. I’ll talk story structure, character development, plot development, marketing, goals, etc.
  4. I’m going to help you work through the blocks that are getting in your way
  5. My pricing is still the same

Here’s what’s different:

  1. I’m going to include more spiritually-based concepts such as affirmations, meditation, prayer (though non-denominational), energy shifting, etc.
  2. I’m going to include the tarot in my newsletters

That’s it in a very small nutshell.

Getting a Little Personal

While I’ve been asking what I want from this business over my hiatus, other than to help people create their master pieces, I realized that all I want is freedom.

One of my own personal problems over the last few years is that my inner core has been buried. Years ago, I went through a breakup that left me feeling empty, and instead of spending time trying to refill myself, I made myself busier and busier, identifying myself with my work. I moved to another country, and instead of letting myself be me, I tried to be what I thought other people wanted.

The result was a lot of depression, anxiety, and anger. I created an environment for myself where I couldn’t be me.

And now I’m financially independent, and I don’t need to be anyone else other than myself. Thus, I’ve resolved to be unapologetically me, and that is how I intend to find my freedom.

Part of that, is my spirituality. And I want to be me in sessions with my clients. I don’t want to hold myself back during sessions, especially if I think it will help people.

I of course am never going to push my own personal spirituality onto people, but I will mention a mediation, or a mantra, a book, etc., that I might think will help. If my client isn’t interested, that’s totally cool. But I want to feel the freedom to be able to mention it without wondering if I’m going to scare my client off in doing so.

That’s where I’m at.

That’s my big announcement. And I am so thrilled to be doing this.

Your Homework

What, just because I have an announcement for you, you think that means you don’t have homework? Bsha!

Things have been weird for everyone. If it hasn’t been weird for you over the last eight months—please write to me or share in the comments below how you have kept things absolutely the same. I am super intrigued and I’m sure some of us could learn from you!

Weird isn’t a bad thing though. It causes us to reevaluate and adjust in order to adapt. So I want you to take note of that. I want you to spend some time making a list of things you have had to do to change and adapt to this new way of living.

Make a numbered list of everything you’ve done.

Now, go through and ask yourself what’s working—what feels good, what doesn’t feel good and you’ll be happy to see the back of.

I don’t think this is going to happen, because we are forever changed by this virus, but, let’s just say that everything goes completely back to the way things were before the virus. What have you learned over the last eight months that you’d like to carry through with you? How have you adapted in positive ways that will enhance how you move through life?

This is a time to reflect on your growth.

And just know, I’m proud of you.


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