Natural Writer: Ignite, Light, limber, Fluid, Rhythmic

Why Natural Writer?
What does natural mean?
Someone who’s got the talent without ever having tried? Someone who just connects and gets it?
Or is it authentic?

I thought I would spend some time delving into my choice of business name, because “natural” can mean so many different things in so many different contexts.

What “Natural” Means for You

Honestly, I wanted use the term “authentic” but “Authentic Writer” didn’t roll off the tongue too well, and the use of “authentic” I feel is used too much in the coaching industry.

That being said, I feel that I should define it, in my terms.

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Authentic to me is more than just unique, but rather the raw kernel in all of us that represents us. It is our signature that makes us who we are: the way we move, look, think, and express ourselves. It is the burning passions within us that move us forward, or our fears that act as our barriers to break through.

Authenticism is our own signature of existence that no one can replicate or take away.

And what does that mean from this aspect?

It means that I want to draw out the natural side of you. I want to bring forward your unique vision and fingerprint into the world, so that your voice is heard how you want it to. I want you to be able to find confidence in yourself in order for you to tell your story. Those fears I mentioned earlier? The deeper you can break through them, and that’s what I’m here for.

I want to support you to bring out your Natural You. I want you to be inspired, to ignite, to and to light.

What “Natural” Means to Me

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There are a couple of reasons why I chose the word “Natural.”

The first ones is that I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and the town I’m from in Washington, though it’s technically a city these days, was once described to me as “being carved from between the trees.” We are the evergreen state, meaning that we are covered in evergreen trees.

While I love my life in the UK, I miss the evergreens, and I regularly crave the company of the trees, as where I currently live in North Yorkshire doesn’t have too many.

“Natural” is a nod to the trees, and to my home state.

But it means so much more than that. “Natural” implies nature, as in, what is given to us. While I believe there are some of us who have that inkling toward writing, and that inkling fuels our practice which makes it seem like talent, we are all born with the ability to create our own magic, our own talent.

Our artistic abilities, our story-telling, is a ingrained in us as the want and need to grow is of anything else. I think if I were to define what separates us from animals, the defining quality would be that, not only can we tell stories, but we live to tell stories.

We are the stories that we create. We are always telling ourselves the stories of what our failures will look like, our successes. We’re always relaying the lessons and stories bestowed upon us by life or those who came before us, or those around us. We tell our stories to our friends and partners about our day, our week, our year, something we saw, something we heard.

We are all stories.

That is our natural part of nature.

The natural world teaches us so much about how to simply be. But more than that, it teaches us how to react to the world.

When you consider the trees, they can snap in the wind, or they can bend. Water finds its own path and if the path isn’t available, it carves its own path.

What is that if not creativity?

The creative life is filled with adversary, whether it’s from those outside of us telling us that our art is not a feasible career, or we receive criticism or a rejection letter. Or that adversary could come from within, stopping us from getting to even to the point where we vocalize our desires for a creative life.

Thus, we need to be limber, to roll with the punches, to be able to bend when these thoughts or the outside word try to blow us down. We don’t need to fall down, just let it pass.

We can make our own way. We’re creatives! There is always a way to be made. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I know damn well that you have that will.

The natural world is also rhythmic. It goes in cycles, whether it’s the mating cycle, the moon’s phases, or the seasons.

We too, as writers, must find our own rhythm. This can be the “flow” when we write, or the phases of the year or the month when we know we need to rest.

Rebecca Campbell talks about in Rise Sister Rise, how each of us have a winter season. Our winter season, whether it’s more than once during the year or just once a year, is the time we take to hibernate. It is when we know we need to take a step back from the heavy lifting of productivity and let ourselves recuperate.

What I want to support you in is how to be limber, fluid, and rhythmic.

This is the reason I choose the word Natural. This is the reason why you are a Natural Writer.

Let’s help the world see it.

Let’s work together. If you want to learn more about what I do, what we can do, or just want to know if we might work well together, get ahold of me. Shoot me an email using the form below and we can schedule a 30-minute Skype call for Free.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering your natural, authentic, you.

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Born and raised in the Pacific North West (Washington State to be specific), I'm currently living on a farm, raising chickens, and writing in North Yorkshire. A former editor of Durham University's online magazine, The Bubble, I also write for the magazine Carpe Nocturne, and have several short stories published in a variety of anthologies.

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