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Do you have a bunch of time where you’re twiddling your thumbs? Do you need something to motivate you to do some writing?

Poet and Academic Tawnya Renelle is hosting her first outside-of-uni course on Experimental Writing. This is an online course starting May 28, 2020, and runs Every Thursday from 3-5 p.m., UK time, for 9 whole weeks.

This class is amazing because not only can you sign up for the whole 9 yards, as in, the whole 9 weeks, but you can sign up for a couple of classes whenever you can or want. So, if you’re only interested in say the curriculum for week 3 and 8, then just buy those two classes.

The cool thing is that if you get a jump on it and register for the full course, it’s only a sweet £140. Let me break that down for you. That’s 9 2-hour classes. That’s 18 hours of awesomeness.

That makes it stupidly cheap. Like, less than £8 per taught hour.

And if that deal isn’t sweet enough? She’s offering to read and give you feedback on 5000 words of your work. How amazing is that?

But if you don’t have the dosh for the full nine weeks in one go, that’s cool. She offers individual class prices for £20 each. Still a sweet bargain, especially for how talented she is, both as an instructor and as a poet.

Read about her course in more detail here, I strongly encourage it.

Let me give you a little bit of background of my fandom of this academic lady.

We both hail from the Pacific Northwest, and after years of not seeing each other, reconnected in the UK. I got to meet up with her while she was on her book tour for her collection of poems, This Exquisite Corpse.

Poetry isn’t my jam. I studied it while I was at Durham University and of course all throughout the rest of my schooling, because we all have to. I respect it, and I can appreciate what it does, but it isn’t for me. Like, at all.

But, to be supportive, I bought Tawnya’s book.

And oh my sweet hawthorn blossoms, that book blew me away.

From This Exquisite Corpse

I read the poems and I found that I actually hungered for them. They were just real and raw and insanely relatable in the language they use. The way the poems play with the empty space, and with form, and how they’re laid on the page—all of it was so fascinating to me.

I wish that I would have been able to read that while I was in uni, because would have gave me such a greater interest in poetic forms (or non-form), and thus I might not have hated my poetry classes so much.

This is a very candid post. This is an honest and upfront post from me to you.

Go check out this lady’s course. It’s insanely cheap, and her classes are excellent. I was repping her just a couple of weeks ago when she did a workshop for the Stay at Home Fringe Lit Fest. It was so popular that people requested that she do another one. And she did. So they requested a course, and here is the course.

People are requesting her knowledge.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Instagram post announcing the class
Instagram Post Announcement

You can read more about her on my last post about her, here, which has an interview I had with her, as well as a link to a radio interview that she did (which is super fun to listen to).

Go to her website Here and sign up. Just email her that you want to register and she’ll get you sorted out.

I hope you get to go to at least one of her workshops. She is an absolute treat.

Here’s how to connect with Tawnya on Social Media if you have any questions for her:
Twitter: @trenellepoetry
Instagram: @tawnyaremelle

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