NatWriCoChallenge: Week 3

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Welcome to week 3 of the Natural Writer Coaching Challenge! Congratulations to those of you who have participated so far. I’m so pleased to see all your creative minds in action.

If you’re just joining the challenge, you can still participate. I just need to see 31 Instagram posts tagging me using @NaturalWriterCoaching and the hashtag #NatWriCoChallenge at the end of the month. You can read the details of the challenge and how you can win 2 FREE writing coaching sessions with me here.

Additional Challenge

Last week I posed an additional challenge for those of you who are just whizzing through these flash fiction prompts. This week, I have another challenge for you. You can use it however you want, whether it’s to combine with last week’s challenge or to use it on its own. It is up to you.

This week’s challenge is to use one of my favorite tools for generating creative and unique writing ideas: the third option.

You’ll hear me talk about this exercise a lot. I first learned about it through a writing competition put forth by Wonderbox Publishing a few years ago. I have loved it ever since.

When you look at your writing prompt, jot down the first idea that comes to you. Then cross it out. Write down the second idea that comes to you. Then cross it out. Write down the third idea that comes to you, and go with that.

The theory behind this is that usually the first two ideas are something we’ve already seen or heard, though we don’t realize it. By chucking the first two ideas, then we get closer to something we, ourselves, have generated.

If you choose to take on this challenge, feel free to share your first two ideas that you tossed away in your IG post. I’d love to hear them!

This Week’s Word Prompts

Each Friday in May, I’ll provide the daily work prompts for the follow week. If you’re playing catch up, you can read last week’s prompts here.

Friday, May 15: Bulb
Saturday, May 16: Singing Bowl
Sunday, May 17: Fresh
Monday, May 18: Seed
Tuesday, May 19: Starlight
Wednesday, May 20: Cornucopia
Thursday, May 21: Desert

I look forward to reading your pieces! Feel free to comment below to share your experience or ask any questions.

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