NatWriCoChallenge: Week 2

Hey friends. Just a reminder that through April and May of 2020, I am offering coaching sessions at a Pay What Feels Right for You rate. That means that you get a coaching session and you choose the price. Read all about this offer here.

If you’ve been participating so far, I want to say congratulations on getting through the first week of the Natural Writer Coaching Challenge! I have enjoyed seeing your posts on Instagram, and reading your wonderful works.

Catching Up

If you’re coming into this late in the game, the #NatWriCoChallenge provides daily writing prompts for your flash fiction pieces. Using the hashtag, post your pieces via Instagram and tag me using the handle @NaturalWriterCoaching to be entered to win 2 Free Coaching sessions. You can read all about it, here.

For those of you who want to get in on the chance to win free coaching sessions, but haven’t been posting each day—you’re not out of luck. So long as by the end of May, you have one post for each of the writing prompts posted onto your Instagram (so, 31 in total), then you’re entered for the chance to win. However, the goal is to get into the habit of writing daily, so if you save up seven posts to do in one day, you’re only doing yourself the disservice.

Additional Challenge

Hopefully you’re having fun with these prompts. For some, it’s easy to come up with a new situation in which these daily word prompts can be used. And thus, I would like to add to the challenge:

Create one story with each writing prompt. Each day, use the designated writing prompt to add to the story that is building throughout the month. At the end of the month, you could have a story between 7,750 and 15,500 words long. This isn’t a novel, but it’s certainly a short story, or even the base of a story that can be filled out to become a novel.

This challenge means that, if you create a story that builds upon itself, the conclusion of the story will contain word prompt for May 31st. You can read a full list of the daily word prompts here if you want to plan.

If You’re Struggling

I just wanted to adress those of you who are awesome, though despite your awesomeness, you’re still struggling to get into that creative place. I see you. I hear you. Sometimes the muse just doesn’t want to behave.

Check out my post on Creativity as an Inner Sense that can be harnessed and directed through Meditation and/or Meditation here. Let me know what you think.

This Week’s Word Prompts

Each Friday in May, I’ll provide the daily work prompts for the follow week. If you’re playing catch up, you can read last week’s prompts here.

Friday, May 8: Radiance
Saturday, May 9: Circle
Sunday, May 10: Guidance
Monday, May 11: Empty
Tuesday, May 12: Prophetic
Wednesday, May 13: Indulgence
Thursday, May 14: Question

You of course can participate on your own, or you can join in on Instagram, posting your flash fiction piece there, or posting a link to your website with your flash fiction piece. Remember to tag me in the post using the handle @NaturalWriterCoaching and to use the hashtag #NatWriCoChallenge. I look forward to reading your pieces! Feel free to comment below to share your experience or ask any questions.

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