NatWriCoChallenge: Win 2 FREE Coaching Sessions!

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There are a lot of folks who are struggling to get a writing routine down. With all the stress from COVID-19 and everything that comes along with it, there’s a lot of pressure to produce, produce, produce with your time off.

You might be determined to hammer out 2000 words a day, or even just 500.

I find sometimes, when I’m struggling to crank the ol’ brain into creativity mode and focus on a WIP, writing something completely different gets those gears switched. So, I would like to help you. The incentive is the opportunity to win 2 free writing coaching sessions with me.

Natural Writer Coaching Challenge

The challenge is simple. Each day you will have a one-word writing prompt. With that writing prompt:

  1. Write a 250-500 word piece of flash fiction, being sure to meaningfully include the word prompt of that day.
  2. Post it in an Instagram post OR post it in a blog post and share that blog post on IG so I can access it.
  3. Tag me in your IG post with handle @NaturalWriterCoaching
  4. Use the hashtag #NatWriCoChallenge

That’s it.

I do need to be tagged in the post, and the hashtag needs to be used. And I need some access to see your writing piece.

If you post all 31 days, you will be entered into a drawing on June 1st with the potential to win 2 FREE Writing Coaching sessions with me. I will also draw two extra names for 1 1-hour coaching session.

May 1: Light
May 2: Green
May 3: Mosquito
May 4: Bottle
May 5: Gingerly
May 6: Headache
May 7: Flight
May 8: Radiance
May 9: Circle
May 10: Guidance
May 11: Empty
May 12: Prophetic
May 13: Indulging
May 14: Question
May 15: Bulb
May 16: Singing Bowl
May 17: Fresh
May 18: Seed
May 19: Starlight
May 20: Cornucopia
May 21: Desert
May 22: Right
May 23: Long
May 24: Deer
May 25: Unison
May 26: Hole
May 27: Decision
May 28: Rook
May 29: Tambourine
May 30: Balance
May 31: Join


I am not going to be selecting writers on whether or not I think your writing is good, or if your story is satisfactory. Nor am I going to select anyone based on how good their image is. This is going to be purely randomized.

The goal of this is to provide a daily writing exercise. For me, personally, it’s also to see people writing every day and challenging their creative minds.

Your Homework

Your homework is quite simple. And I’m sure You’ve guessed it by now. Participate in this challenge! Starting May 1st get to writing.

And, bonus, though not extra credit, follow me on Instagram Here for other writing and journal prompts.

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Nicola Thompson

Born and raised in the Pacific North West (Washington State to be specific), I'm currently living on a farm, raising chickens, and writing in North Yorkshire. A former editor of Durham University's online magazine, The Bubble, I also write for the magazine Carpe Nocturne, and have several short stories published in a variety of anthologies.

4 thoughts on “NatWriCoChallenge: Win 2 FREE Coaching Sessions!”

  1. Reblogged this on Scribing English All Over The Place and commented:

    This is a great way to get little bits of writing done. There’s a single-word prompt for each day, and the idea is that you write 250-500 word story using the word in the prompt. Then you post it on Instagram, or share a link via Instagram, using the hashtag #NatWriCoChallenge.
    Do that for 30 days and possibly with 2 sessions with a writing coach.
    I, of course, can’t enter in to win. That’s just silly. But I plan on participating.

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