December 8 Journal Prompt: What Do You Believe?

What do you believe?

Asking yourself what you believe is a multi-faceted question. You might know what you believe in spiritually, but we all have beliefs that we don’t realize we carry with us.

This is an important thing to realize about yourself. This can be one of the things that is blocking you from getting what you really want. This can manifest in writers block, in bad relationships, in a career you hate, in anger or depressive issues, and so on.

Today’s journal prompt is going to ask you to get really deep into what it is that you believe about yourself. This might not come easily to you, as often the beliefs we have will be subconscious. However, if you look at a particular issue that you might be having, especially around writing, you can start asking yourself questions from there.

This is how it’s going to look:

The Journal Prompt

Pick a recurring issue in your life. Since I am a writing coach and I assume you are a writer, I’ll use a writing-related example.

I can’t ever finish a writing project.

Many writers suffer with this. They have an idea, start on it, but might never get further than the first chapter. Or they have an idea and they don’t start it at all. Or they have an idea and while they’re starting that idea, three more come rushing at the writer—and they’re so much shinier and more exciting that the writer gets distracted by them.

Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps you might find that you finish plenty of projects, but haven’t done anything with them. You won’t let anyone read them. Or you do let people read them, but you don’t respond well to their constructive criticism.

Once you have your common recurring setback or block, play the Why game with yourself, like you did for Day 2.

Ask yourself why until you get yourself to the belief behind your issue.

It might look something like this:

I can’t finish a writing project.
Because I get stuck and don’t know where to go.
Because I haven’t put the time into researching and plotting.
Because I was too excited to start this and didn’t want to lose momentum.
Because I struggle to hold on to inspiration.

And we arrive at the belief: Inspiration is fleeting. This, then, is a mindset problem, and can be resolved.

We’ll talk about what to do with the beliefs in tomorrow’s Journal Prompt, but for now, make a list of as many beliefs that you might have, and interrogate them. See what you come up with.

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