December 4 Journal Prompt: What Inspires You?

Dec 4: What in life inspires you?

The next few days is going to focus on where you can look for writing ideas in general. By getting to know what affects you in your daily life and in general, you can find a hearty store of prompts to pull from. Knowing yourself means that you can know what to write. You just have to cultivate that knowledge.

The first thing I want you to do is ask yourself—and without cheating and looking up the definition—what inspiration means to you. When you hear this word, what does it make you think of? Does inspiration mean joy? Does it mean motivation?

Once you’ve answered what inspiration means to you, keep your answer in mind as you move on to the next question.

What inspires you in life?

Get really deep with this question. Is it the ever-changing seasons? Is it laughter? Is it seeing the accomplishments of others? Is it motivational music? Movies? Books?

When you know what inspires you personally, you have two benefits:

  1. You can use this inspiration to motivate you toward your goals.
  2. You can use this inspiration as a source of story ideas.

Let’s look at the second on for a moment.

Let us use the example of being inspired by the accomplishments of others. This means that when you’re needing a writing prompt, you can look toward the story of say Jim Morrison and the development of the band, the Doors, and compare it to the struggles of Nicola Tesla, and pull small incidents from their lives and use them as a writing prompt. You might look at the development of a brilliant and revolutionary invention/idea and see what the character who developed this might be like if they took copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs.

Or perhaps your grandfather was a local hero in the 40’s, and you’ve heard just about every story he has to tell about his life (lucky you!). Where can you pull inspiration from those stories?

These are writing prompts, not full on story ideas, mind you. Keep in mind that those are other people’s intellectual property/stories. But, you can use something from them as a premise to develop your own stories from them.

Feel free to share what you came up with!

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