December 3 Journal Prompt: What Do you Write?

Dec 3: What do you write?

I know that writers fall into many different placements. Some are bloggers and have every intention of remaining a blogger. Some writers are academic writers, who chase the thrill of the research and findings. Some writers are literary, some are poetic, and some only know that they want to write, but haven’t started on a project yet.

It doesn’t matter where you fall in this spectrum: you are a writer, and you can answer today’s questions.

The Single-Genre Writer

There are many writers who know exactly what they like to write. They like to write horror or romance or fantasy. They indulge in cozy mystery, paranormal action/adventure, westerns, or thrillers.

For those of you who have a specific genre you like to write, ask  yourself why you like to write it. Is it because it’s the genre you like to read? Why? What do you get out of reading this genre? Is it because you enjoy working within the parameters of the genre? Why? What would happen if you broke those parameters?

The Multi-Genre Writer

Some writers write across the board, choosing more than one genre to write in. Maybe you like to write science fiction, horror and romance. Maybe you’re an erotica writer who also has a flair for comical mobster stories.

For those of you who have more than one genre, ask yourself what is the common thread between the genres? What would it look like if you combined all the genres into one story? Do you like keeping them all separate?

And finally, ask yourself why you write in so many directions. There is no wrong answer here, and there is no judgement for the answer. This is purely for you, for your own understanding of yourself and your writing methods.

The Budding Writer

Some of us are aspiring. We know we want to write, that we enjoy actually physically running a writing utensil along paper and seeing the ink flow on the page, or we love the sound of the keyboard. We love the idea of creating stories, or constructing a meaningful book, or we simply know we have something to teach.

But we haven’t necessarily begun to write. That’s alright. We don’t have to have started writing to know what we want to write.

If you don’t know what you write yet, ask yourself what you want to write. And as always, ask yourself Why. Ask yourself at least three times. Truly know yourself.

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