December 2 Journal Prompt: Why Do You Write?

Why Do You Write?

Knowing why you write is an important aspect of being a writer. When you know why you write, then you know the motivation behind getting you out of bed in the morning and wanting to put pen to paper.

However, not all of us know why it is that we want to write. This is why it comes after the question of who we are. The more we understand our motives, the more we’re able to harness our drive and make it work to our advantage.

Are you writing because it’s a form of creative expression? Because you just have a great idea for a story you want to read but haven’t come across? Are you writing because you just need to, but you don’t know why?

Really explore your Why.

For some people, they feel that writing is a way of earning money. If that’s you, ask yourself if that’s enough? Sure we go to our day jobs every day whether we like it or not to earn money, but writing is a whole different beast. It’s not just writing to make a few dollars, but it’s investing with the goal of making money. You’re investing your time, your focus, your energy, and then on top of it you’re investing yourself in marketing, editors, cover design, travel costs, software, etc. It can be draining if that is the only reason you’re writing.

Whatever you come up with, challenge it. Ask yourself Why, at least three times with your answer.

Why Do I Write?
I write because I need to get my ideas down
I need to get my ideas down because they’re important to me.
My ideas are important to me because they are an extension of me.
Why is that important?
Because I have a story that I believe will help other people, or, at the very least, will be a contribution to the understanding of what makes a person a person. Thus extending empathy and compassion.

Whatever your reason, challenge it. Really get to the root of why it is you write. You might find that there is something deep in you waiting to come out, and that will only propel you forward toward your writing goals.

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