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What does it mean to be a Natural Writer Coach?

Natural: authentic, genuine, raw, real, instinctive, intuitive, wholesome, pure
Writer: scribe, scrivener, author, litterateur, scribbler, novelist, creator
Coach: guide, tipster, advisor, confidant, consultant, pedagog(ue), guru, edifier

As a writing coach, the most important message I can ask you to carry with you is this:

You are a writer

That’s the first step.

You know that you have a story or a message that burns within you, that needs to be released. Most importantly, you know that words are your medium.

But what if you don’t? What if you’re struggling with the concept of writing vs. visual art such as painting, collage, film, etc?

I pose the question then:

The First Assignment
From Your Writing Coach:
What Is Writing?

Before going on, I want you to pause, consider, perhaps even take out your journal and write what you believe writing to be for you. What does it mean to you, for you, for your family, for your community, for the world? What is writing?

It’s alright. I’ll wait.

Have you got it down? Excellent. Be sure to share it with me before we got too into my thoughts. It’s your voice that is important, and your voice that the world needs to hear.

I’ll say it again –

What writing means to you is more important than what writing means to me.

My Answer:
What is Writing?

Writing is about communication in such a way that it brings in not just the immediate information, but the personality behind the words.

We are all a part of a world…
Where there is a human,
there is connection

Writing is a means of connecting one individual to another through words. The word choice one uses, the order in which the words are used, all create a different form of connection between one writer and one reader. To work as a writer means to make a network, and to develop that into a community.

Writing, and thus reading as well, is a way of remembering that we are all a part of a world that might be riddled with screens and technology, but behind every piece of technology, there is a human. Where there is a human, there is connection.

Keeping this in mind is what makes a good writer. It is the difference between data entry or information entry/output. It is the character within any writing piece. When the human element is apparent and behind an article or piece of information, the reader is more likely to relate to the piece, regardless of the content.

The true purpose of writing is to allow experiences of otherness to infiltrate the comfort of our thinking so that we can understand each other, so that we can understand that we are all a part of this human experience, and thus create empathy in the world.

Where there is empathy, there is compassion. Where there is compassion, there is unity. The job of a writer is to communicate. That communication leads to connection which leads to unity.

If you are a writer struggling to get your project done, struggling to find direction in your pride and joy, or just need to get started, that is where a writing coach comes into play.

Writing Coach Services

I offer several one-on-one writing coach services to help you get to the finish line, whether it is getting started, finishing your first draft, polishing for publication, deciding your writing business plan, getting through writers block, or just gaining some inspiration.

A writing coach can be helpful for the writer just wanting to get started and be accountable for finishing a first draft, or for the writer starting out their writing career. It can help you work through your blocks, set up positive habits, build confidence, and shape your story.

I offer both hourly sessions as well as monthly packages that can be adjusted to fit your individual needs to help you to find and ignite your authentic story.

“Nicola Thompson has read my manuscript and gave me a very detailed and valuable feedback. Her suggestions on how to improve the plot, pacing and setting helped me to improve the manuscript and make it stronger. Thanks to Nicola my manuscript now has a clear focus and I feel that it’s ready to the young readers all over the world.”

~Flavia Labre, author of The Eighth Chamber

Included in the monthly writing coach packages is developmental editing, to help you create impactful novels and stories to get you that much closer to success. Each hourly session is done via Skype, or, depending on where in the world you live, in person.

She has a very intuitive sense about the way she hears the voice of her clients through the descriptions of the work they need written out. When proofreading, she is able to shape ideas pointedly and offer feedback in a way that even a novice can understand. She is reliable, fast and efficient with her work. A gem to anyone who wants something as simple as a proofread but as complicated as a full curriculum for a class, which she has written for me as well.”

~ Jordan Langen, Business owner, teacher, Tarot reader

~Jordan Langen, Business owner, teacher, Tarot reader

“I was fortunate enough to have Nicola help me through the process of writing while I was attending Whatcom Community College. I have struggled with writing my entire life and I feel certain that my ability to express myself through writing was helped along immensely by her guidance!”

~Sabrina Anne, former WCC student

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